Makutu is a creative space established in 2015 for you to enjoy the life in balance with nature. It is a combination of chemical lab, herbology workshop and sometimes even a kitchen where we create sensual delights.

In the workshop we develop hand-made, natural cosmetics distinctly created to meet the individual needs of your skin.  Our products are unique just like our customers.

Our products are made exclusively from natural ingredients, majority is sourced from local polish fields and meadows. Herbs and plants are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and the manufacturing process is fully controlled and planned. Thanks to the skilful chemical processing we extract the plant-based active ingredients.

The basis for our cosmetics are also natural butters and oils from verified sources and ecological plantations. Manufacturing process in our laboratories is subject to the highest professional standards.

Thanks to our effort, Makutu cosmetics have visible effects, they are 100% natural, hand-made, vegetarian, organic and ecological. They are safe and suitable for consumption.  We test products on us and our friends not on animals.

This place is born out of passion and I hope that you will fall in love with Makutu as well.

Makutu: Katarzyna i Piotr